Christopher Cook along with Kenneth James, Ph.D., B.Sc., F.R.S.C., CSci., C.Chem., formed H-10 Limited in 2001. Originally formulated for use on humans, H-10 Ointment has had some spectacular successes when used on various animals (including many endangered species) in zoo collections. After successfully applying it to such animals as an orang-utan, golden lion tamarin, pink pigeon and a Bali starling at Jersey Zoo, the company decided to focus on animals - horses in particular.

Our aim is to produce top quality products at affordable prices enabling horse owners to use high-grade skin care and competition preparation essentials that they can trust. We are happy to hear any comments or recommendations about our products.

None of our products contain any substances that contravene current Jockey Club Regulations or F.E.I. Rules. The H-10 Shampoo is designed to be 'no tears'.

Our products don't contain any soap or detergent, which can remove natural oils from the coat, nor does it contain any bleach or peroxide.