UK based company H-10 Limited are the manufacturers of a product range which is providing a breakthrough in skin care. Kenneth James PhD, BSc, CSci, CChem, FRSC is one of the directors of H-10 Limited and the developer of the products. Sucrose esters are compounds formed by the reaction between sucrose (sugar) and naturally occurring fats and oils. Sucrose esters are biodegradable and are very safe for the environment. Non toxicity, very low dermal and eye irritation, excellent emulsification, skin feel, detergent and conditioning effects that are exhibited by these products. Use of sucrose esters in our formulations:

H-10 Ointment
The ability of sucrose esters to establish stable oil in water formulations is used to good effect in this formulation establishing a smooth easy to use ointment with good anti fungal and microbial properties which makes the product ideal for treating skin conditions and to facilitate the healing of minor cuts and abrasions.

H-10 Shampoo
In these formulations advantages are taken of the medium foaming and excellent detergent properties of the sucrose esters and their conditioning effect on the hair leaving it smooth and glossy in appearance. The anti fungal and anti microbial capabilities of the sucrose esters help to prevent dandruff and similar conditions.