We are delighted to have many happy customers, here are just a few extracts from the many testimonials we have.

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"Shadwell Studs have been using the Elegance Coat Gloss & Detangler for the last year and have found it to be an extremely efficient and effective product. The horses have benefited from its formulation and the staff have found it particularly easy to use. I would have no hesitation in recommending such a product to any horse-people.”
Johnny Peter-Hoblyn, Stud Manager, Shadwell Stud

"Using the Elegance range, whether it’s for the summer or winter coats, the ponies always look immaculate and very glossy, which gets them noticed and gives an excellent first impression - so important in big classes.”
Harrison Show Team (sponsored by H-10 Limited)
“Shilstone Rocks Northcountryman,” 2nd & top Dartmoor (Horse of the Year Show,).
“Horselode Horatio,” 3rd place Open M&M Ridden (Horse of the Year Show).

"The Elegance Shampoo cleaned without producing any dryness or a harsh look, so even in her clipped coat she had a super shine. Unlike similar products I have used in the past, the coat gloss left no sticky traces and didn’t attract the dust as often happens in an indoor environment. Her mane has a natural bounce to it and other gloss and detangling products that I have used in the past have left her mane looking lank and dull and lifeless; with the Elegance Coat Gloss and Detangler her mane retained its natural bounce and looked in perfect condition. They are definitely the best products of their kind that I have ever used.’”
Katy Marriott (used the products on “Stowbrook Jenny Wren” to win at NPS Baileys Ridden Championship at Olympia, and at HOYS.

"The best products of their kind that I have ever used"

"We have tried both the new Elegance Concentrated Shampoo and the Coat Gloss from H-10 Limited. The results are very pleasing; the Elegance Concentrated Shampoo made the ponies’ coats look great - clean and with a terrific shine. The Coat Gloss ensured the manes and tails were easy to comb through with no sticky traces. We are going to use the products on all the ponies for the coming season."
Templeton Stables, Lancashire (a top show production yard).

"I used (Elegance Coat Gloss & Detangler) for a show at the weekend on four ponies in winter coats. The Grey had to be bathed, the coat laid well, and no stable stains the next morning. The Chestnut also had to be bathed as he was very muddy and greasy however after using the product there was no return of surface dust or grease. As was the case with the other two a Bay and a dark Grey, who just had a vacuum brush, manes and tails brushed out with no tangles leaving them soft, shiny and manageable also leaving no sticky or slippery residue on the hands. (It is an) excellent product and economical to use.”
Jane Etheridge (Wheelers and Minsmere Pony Stud)

"…the pony's next outing was the Ponies UK Championships at Peterborough where she won the 13.2 Brineton Open show pony - only the second time the pony had entered an open class. Colbeach Sophistication was prepared using the Elegance Shampoo and Coat Gloss that we won at the NPS finals - I'm sure this gave the pony the extra sparkle to beat many ponies who had already qualified for HOYS this year.”
Karen Sarling (owner of the winning pony ’Colbeach Sensation’ - NPS Summer Championships).

"The coats have looked fantastic all year"

"We are very grateful to H-10 Limited for their support; the coats have looked fantastic all year thanks to the new Elegance Range of products. We qualified three ponies for HOYS this year and have had many people, including some judges, comment on their presentation.”
Sonia Bland, Lee Bland Show Team.

"We have had loads of comments on the shine on the ponies coats, the difference is amazing compared to other products that we have used.”
Bob Templeton, Lancashire

 “Being a white grey she is never easy to get really clean, the Elegance™ Shampoo proved to be excellent, she came up brilliant white. We were thrilled when she qualified for HOYS, she looked a picture.”
Fiona Harrison (winner HOYS, 2003)

"We picked up the ‘best turned out award’ in the Cuddy Breeders final at HOYS this year. The Elegance range proved to be wonderful, the mare looked superb."
Jeff Grace, professional producer and handler.

"We picked up the best turned out award"

"On behalf of all the Faversham & District RC Quadrille Team, can I say a big thank you to you for the Elegance coat gloss. By the time they were spruced up they looked fantastic. The turnout section of this competition is just as important as the ridden display, we were proud to come out with top marks at Olympia last year and I feel sure with the help of your products we can achieve an even higher score this year.”
Nicky Turner, Faversham & District RC Quadrille Team